Episode 1: Arlie Adlington

Arlie talks to us about choice cuts, funky music, and sonic transfers, and his piece for the Dig, the International Trans Person Helpline.

Arlie's top picks: bitchface podcast and no (2017) - The Heart

Our top picks: Climb When Ready by Arlie

Takeaways: Don’t be scared to approach people in the industry. Everyone entering this world will have felt as you do now! Engage people in conversations and if they don’t want to talk back … they’re probably assholes!

The Challenge: Create a piece that involves a sonic transfer from one location to another. Send your reponses to us here. Here are ours:

Searching by Redzi

In Water by Phoebe


Episode 2: Axel Kacoutié

Learn from Axel about truth, identity, and valuing your creative self. We listened to How to Remember Axel's reflection on identity and race.

Axel's top picks: Poems At Dusk produced by Brenna Daldorph.

Our top picks: A Sound Poem by Axel

Takeaways: Just make the thing. If you have an idea - get it out - and then make something else. Get into good habits of seeing your thoughts through to fruition.

The Challenge: If your emotions could sing, what would that sound like? Name a specific emotion and tell us how it sings. Send your reponses to us here. Here are ours:

Wonder by Redzi

Now I Understand by Phoebe


Episode 3: Bea Duncan and Tess Davidson

Bea and Tess run ELAN, the Entry Level Audio Network. They create a space for people starting out their audio careers to network, connect and ask questions in a judgement free and supportive environment.

Their top picks: Anything by Phil Smith and Carrier from QCode Media

Our top picks: Anthems by Broccoli Content - where Bea works

Takeaways: Creativity is something we all have and stories can come out of anywhere. Try turning on your tap and hitting record… you’ve already created something unique.

The Challenge: Recreate the feeling of waking up from a dream. Send your reponses to us here. Here are ours:

If Dreams Die by Redzi

Waking by Phoebe


Episode 4: James T Green

James T Green, is an audio artist and designer whose work is bold, experimental and moving. James uses rhythm and repetition in ways that allow you to really feel the work in a total sensory experience.

James' Top Picks: Jenny Odell's How to Do Nothing and Transcendent Waves by Lavender Suarez.

Our top picks: All of the brilliant resources on James' website, but in particular, his talk onthe relationship between augmented reality and audio storytelling

Takeaways: If you can bend time in interesting ways - do it.

The Challenge: James challenges you to create a sound poem based on your last 5 internet searches. Send your reponses to us here. Here are ours:

Pray by Redzi

I Am Two People by Phoebe


Episode 4: Ariana Martinez

Ariana Martinez, Ariana is a sound artist and story maker living in America. Ariana started out working with physical art and sculpture. We fell in love with their ability to translate the physical world - objects, architecture and space - into sound. Ariana says you don’t need to be an expert in Pro-Tools to create good stories. If you can harness soft-skills like observation and recording real-world detail you’re well on your way to creating amazing stories and sound-rich locations. In this episode we discuss their piece Perfect Love for The BBC, Between the Essays.

Ariana's Top Picks: Sayre Quevedo's A Wind Blows from the South

Our top picks: Slow Burn Seeeking and Night Rider

Takeaways: A focus on place can create the fabric for stories which offer dimension and depth. Imagine you are creating a world, in and of itself, for your listener to inhabit and move around in.

The Challenge: Ariana challenges you to recreate an object or place in sound. Don't aim for a true replica but try to capture the essence of the object. Send your reponses to us here. Here are ours:

Tube by Redzi

Scrabble by Phoebe


Your turn

We love the little challenges our Telling Stories audio gurus set us to help us improve our storytelling skills. Even more, we LOVE IT when you join in. Take a listen below to some of the magical responses we've had. Come and play!

Alex Reed

Alex takes us from his room out into a wider world

Chris Attaway

Chris moves us through time AND space in a chat with his future self.

Emily Naylor

Emily invites us to join her in a daydream...

Your turn

Send your challenges to redziandphoebe@gmail.com.

Jessie Lawson

Jess gives us the most gorgeous sound hug

Your turn

Send your challenges to redziandphoebe@gmail.com.